Videos of the Urban Marginality and the State conference

Opening keynote by Loïc Wacquant

Ethnographies of urban marginality

  • Javier Auyero – The state of the poor
  • Kate Swanson – From the streets of Guayaquil to the streets of New York: the ironies of “zero tolerance” policing in the Americas
  • Franck Poupeau – All along the (reflexive) watchtower: from “global ethnography” to multi-level analysis

Urban marginality in comparative and historical perspective

  • Eduardo Marques – Latin American metropolises in comparative and historical perspective
  • Fulong Wu – Marginalization in urban China: the role of the state

Urban marginality, welfare regimes and penal policies

  • Sonia Arbaci- (Ethnic) residential segregation in European cities: are welfare regimes making a difference?
  • Robert Fairbanks – The Illinois prisoner re-entry imperative: reform or redistribution?
  • Susan Parnell – The key elements to constructing an urban welfare agenda in the Global South

Marginal zones and the state

  • Tom Slater – “Welfare ghettos”? The neighbourhood effects basis of punitive welfare reforms in the UK
  • Janos Ladanyi – Urban and rural ghettos in Hungary